Festival International de Jazz de Montréal – Charlotte Cardin

Montreal born Charlotte Cardin took the stage (designed especially for this virtu-fest) and kicked off the second night of Montreal Jazzfest.

At just 25 years old, she has taken some impressive strides in her profession, having earned several awards and nominations in Canada’s music industry.

She started her set off with Les Èchardes, one of her tunes that have won her recognition and multiple awards, such as SOCAN and Juno. Her influences are most definitely eclectic, ranging from Pop to Jazz, with a twist of franc o-folk, which we hear in her song Faufile, which is a big success for her in her native Quebec.

In her introduction of the song Foufile, she explains that it is about people we love, who came into our lives but left, and we never quite understand why and are unable to keep close. Cardin writes from the heart and her pain, like many passionate and talented artists. Her voice is soft and whispering, the falsetto is impeccable and never hard on the ears.

Cardin is currently promoting her latest single Drive, which you can sample and stream on Spotify and iTunes. Although it seems she hasn’t anything lined up for the near future, I don’t doubt this talented young artist is hard at work on something fantastic.


  1. I love her! Music brings out the emotions we need to feel but can’t always have without help.

    • Well said! Music is as much a need as food and when you mix both, notice how it is a celebration! 😀