Review: Secret Project 2020-BLOND:ISH


Also playing direct from Miami from the Clubspace, was Blond:ish (AKA Vive-ann Bakos) and her awesome set up with digi-percussions to boot.

She has a super unique style and her samples are eclectic and refreshing. Bakos is from my home town, Montreal Canada, so I can’t help but feel proud 😉

Her mixes have a world music base with occasional nods to other generation’s dance music. Blond:ish so killed it by mixing world beat intertwined with blasts from the past like Simple Minds and contemporary dance tunes.

If it wasn’t 2am and had not for my fiancée sleeping in the next room, I would have cranked the volume and danced like I had way too much RedBull! FYI I don’t really drink RedBull…

Hands up for this talented, creative, and socially conscious DJ, who incorporates beautiful and meaningful music to her repertoire.