2019 Article Collection

My 2019 Articles Collection

By Abbey Wolf

I (like all festival fans) miss going to all those fabulously fun summer festivals. So I put together a collection of the reviews I wrote at this time last year to share my memories of nicer moments. The reviews, (featured at Orcasound.com), range from music festivals in Montreal and Ottawa, to live shows, theatre, cultural events and marches.

It was only a year ago but, as the saying goes, “it seems like yesterday” when I reflect back. I feel blessed in many ways, such as having the opportunity to see all these shows and to get so “up close” to so many brilliant artists. Also, there is the simple joy of writing about my experience and taking pictures. Two things which I am very passionate about.

Then there was that fabulous freedom to roam around a large open space with thousands of other art loving souls. Everyone high ( in many ways lol) but mostly from all the happiness and appreciation for culture and music. Hoards of beautiful people from all kinds of ethnicities and nationalities.  Everyone feeling the energy of love and peace, and shining in the moment.

Only now, due to the pandemic, I realize how much I took all of that for granted. Yes, hard times and even harder times when amidst a pandemic a movement against hate and indifference is born. These are rough times to (say the least) yet, glorious times as well because so many people are feeling empowered to make change. All kinds of change! And so much of that change is positive. The primary mission of this blog is to focus and stay on track with what is pure and positive. Everything that is pure and positive brings people together in unison; something we need more than anything else at the moment.

I very much hope that by reading any of these reviews, you get a sense of what my experience was like, and that you may keep more than just a glimmer of hope in your heart, that soon we will all be out in front of that stage watching our most beloved artists give their hearts and souls in so that we can have some joy.

TD Ottawa Jazz Festival June 2019

Ottawa Jazz Festival Norah Jones main stage June 25, 2019. Photo: Abbey Wolf
Ottawa Jazz Festival musician Yandy Martinez Gonzalez’s bass. June 25, 2019. Photo: Abbey Wolf
Ottawa Jazz Festival Omara Portuondo June 28, 2019. Photo: Abbey Wolf

One of Cuba’s most treasured artists Omara Portuondo graced the stage…Read more

Ottawa Jazz Festival Norah Jones main stage June 25, 2019. Photo: Yorg at Orcasound.com

Grammy Award winner Norah Jones adorned the stage with her wondrous talent…Read more

Ottawa Jazz Festival Jane Siberry Confederation park June 22, 2019. Photo: Abbey Wolf

Last night, the Ottawa Jazz Festival hosted Jane Siberry with her magical music entourage…Read more

Morcheeba- Ross Godfrey,Skye Edwards,Steve Gordon JuLY 2, 2019. Photo: Abbey Wolf

It was an entrancing evening on Tuesday at the MTELUS venue with Morcheeba (emphasis on the “cheeba” if you prefer) psychedelically rocking the stage. The band, initially a trio formed in the mid 90’s by the Godfrey brothers (Paul and Ross) and lead vocalist Skye Edwards…Read More

RBCBluesFest25 “Bluesville” July 14, 2019. Photo Abbey Wolf

The Ottawa BluesFest celebrated its 25th consecutive year and what a bash it was! It featured local upcoming talent like Moscow Apartment and musical greats such as, Buddy Guy and The Killers, Alt-J and Kygo, Snoop Dog…Read more

Festival Fierté Montréal, Parc Des Faubourgs 2019. Photo: Josée Dufour

This year marks the 13th edition of Fiert  in Montreal. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which took place in Greenwich Village, June 28th, 1969. It was that very event that inspired …Read more

My country’s capital (Ottawa), is host to several awesome festivals during the summer and the RBC CityFolk is a great one to finish your festival romps at. Check out my articles from last summer, featuring some legendary artists like Lucinda Williams and America…Read more

Photo: Michael Campanella

At only sixteen years old and just after one year, Greta Thunberg has made her mark in human history. This passionate and brilliant climate activist has been touring the world…Read more.