Dan Tepfer Livestream: With slide trombonist Ryan Keberle and some surprises!

The incredibly unique and talented Dan Tepfer livestreamed some fantastic jazz with trombonist Ryan Keberle earlier today, to bring his 2020 live stream sessions to a close for this year. 

Tepfer is a master at many musical and technical crafts, especially his own innovative work with programming algorithms and working with various technologies and effects. It’s mesmerizing to watch him play on his Yamha Disklavier and now sing, while his programs send visualizations to the screen in real time.

Keberle with trombone in hand and Tepfer, seated casually at his piano, played in beautiful unison, equally in their virtually connected jamming zone, we at home watched; a duet of smooth sweet jazz playing live and simply to share the joy of music with us all. 

They started their set with the standard “What is this thing called love” (a Cole Porter song). I honestly love the sound of the sliding trombone, classic and pure this instrument is so very versatile and nostalgic. Keberle plays it like an extension of his arms and lungs, he plays it gloriously well and it is clear why he is a feature artist with Tepfer today. Keberle offered some original compositions and we learned from the conversation that he has some experimental music with synths and his horn. Errr that is if you can call a trombone a “horn.” I do not know enough about wind instruments, but I imagine if I was a wind instrumentalist, I would call whatever I had, my “horn” it just sounds cool.

As for Tepfer’s piano playing, I could listen to him all day! OK maybe not all day ( I love jazz but could not listen to any one genre all day…), but seriously a good portion of it, this man is a musical genius. No need to say more you can find out by checking his links below the blah blah about the session. 

Both musicians discussed their experiences working remotely and how they have embraced the opportunity to focus on their art and keeping their spirits and optimism high. Tepfer reminisced about meeting with other musicians and even does an impressive Borat voice impersonation, displaying a light silly side which is completely adorable IMO and an example of his relaxed and laid back nature. Speaking of Borat, the second movie is out and yours truly will be indulging in it tonight. So Thanks Dan because you reminded me to watch it lol! 😉 


They did an interpretation of the Beatle’s song Black Bird at 56:34 in the video that is a must hear. Personally, I love that song and it is one of the only songs I pride myself being able to play on my acoustic picking it perfectly to the note. Coincidentally,  I had played it just yesterday having missed it for so many years.

Lastly in this session,  Tepfer announced that he has created a new algorithm which creates an accompanist in real time that visually illustrates the notes that he sings! Again, this is an aspect of what is so impressive about this artist in how he uses a combination of certain technologies to create a visual (and as of late) a virtual musical experience. 

Just a side note, I LOVED the mic he was using with the red cord to match the graphic lines and the path of the sounds the music had. Nice touch! 

He closed the stream with announcements of upcoming events, such as new additions to his #BachUpsideDown sessions. Listening to Bach upside down is a must! Also, check his upcoming online concert, dantepfer.com/tix These tix are only five bucks so you can’t get a better deal than that!

Tepfer is super modest and kind, acknowledging the challenging times and passionately thanking his community of contributors and fans. He is driven and inspiring and leads as a marvellous example of how artists are coping and making their way through this pandemic.