Foo Fighters Live Stream Band Rehearsal – Review

Last Sunday, the Foo Fighters streamed a live band practice from their private Studio 606 in LA. The stream was hosted by Veeps. and was free for an international audience. As it turned out, it was a playful way to introduce the late Taylor Hawkins’ replacement, drummer Josh Freese as the newest member of the band.

The stream started with the band standing together in a circle with guitars slung, casually chatting about things from vintage guitar straps to Pat eating truffles in a grungy shoe repair shop. We hear a knock at the door, it was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, drumsticks in hand, but he wasn’t there to play. He was just letting them know that a white Mercedes was blocking him in the parking lot. Moments after, another vet rocker Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, enters with some takeout for the band to enjoy. He also had some sticks, but we were not fooled! He wasn’t their replacement drummer. The third and final cameo was Tool’s Danny Carey, again, sticks in hand but there only to deliver one of the band member’s poodles. Oh yes, we all know those dogs are Dave’s (jab for the gay voice he did at one point during the rehearsal). After Carey exited, the conversation continued when suddenly, the camera switched to Josh Freese sitting at his drum set, pretending to be impatiently waiting for them. He was wearing a huge name tag stuck on his chest, the kind grandmas wear at church basement bake sales. As if anyone there didn’t know his name lol! The moment had arrived and the news was out! This playful skit introduced Freese as the official new member of the Foo Fighters.

There was a lot of dialogue in between the songs and most of the dialogue and the spotlight was on Freese. It was clear that the primary intention for the steam was to introduce Freese to the public, and, in an epic way. We could see and hear that the band was psyched with Josh’s performance as they were all smiles and laughter. Grohl, a true frontman in every way, leads the conversation by asking Freese various questions about his career. He asked about how Josh felt during his early childhood experience at Disney Land when he played there at the age of 12 in a band called POLO. Of course, the jokes were plenty about the name of that band and yes, it was named after the cologne which was trending back in the 80s. Freese is what many would refer to as a “musician’s musician,” having played with some iconic artists such as The Offspring, Guns N’ Roses, Weezer, Sting, and Nine Inch Nails, just to name a few. Josh truly fit in with the band, and was comfortable and conscientious, often consulting with Grohl about any ideas and changes in his drumming.

They kicked off the practice session with All my life from their 2022 album One by One. The set was composed of 8 tunes, all from their recent material. They did not play any of their classic chart toppers. I’ve no doubt they are saving those for their tour and this was also a way to promote their new stuff. Impressed with Josh’s drumming, Grohl suggested Josh get a double kick cam, “we should bring those cameras with us wherever we fucking go.” There was a lot of conversation, but all of it was banter and humour. There wasn’t any deep personal, emotional or even mention of Taylor Hawkins, although he is greatly missed and adored, the purpose of this event was to shine the spotlight on Freese. It was awesome to watch them in a setting where they were relaxed and conversational. We can see that they have mellowed a bit over the years. There were plenty of jokes about age, revealing a new reality for them and that they have to put in more effort these days compared to when they were younger. “Where is my icey patch” was the running joke.

Nothing beats live music, most will agree. But, there are some interesting and beneficial perks about live streaming, for instance it’s another way to get to know the band through their interaction. One of the most obvious bonuses is hearing a favourite band play for free. No one can argue against that. Not everyone can globe trot and see bands as they please. Most people end up watching music online, it is an increasing activity. Finding new and creative ways, such as this particular stream, is a growing challenge. The Foo’s stream was also an opportunity for the band to connect with fans and communicate that they are going to continue creating music and touring nation wide. “A rare afternoon just playing some tunes with the guys,” said Grohl “Foo fighters preparing for concerts,” was the official title of the video.
It truly was a rare and fantastic moment in the Foo’s history, offering their fans a peek at one of their most private settings; a jam session in their private studio, which the location was secret for many years. Although it was obvious that some of the show was scripted and they were not perhaps as natural as they would be had they been in their own privacy, we got a sense of how they all connected and especially, how well their new member, Josh fit in.

The Foos tour will cross over 5 countries and include 29 concerts. It will start in New Hampshire on May 24th and close in Texas Oct. 6th . Shows are selling out so hurry up and get your ticks before they are all gone. All the info for upcoming dates is on their site here:


Dave Grohl
Chris Shiflett
Pat Smear
Nate Mendel
Rami Jaffee
Josh Freese

Set List

All my life
No son of mine
Under you
Sky is a neighborhood
Nothing at all
Monkey wrench