Nina: The Wolf Banter Blog’s Dog

Nina: The Wolf Banter Blog's Dog

We need a world with more love, compassion and understanding and a great way to practice this on a daily basis, is to adopt an animal into your home.

The images of the husky you see on the site is Nina, our precious furry child. 

We adopted her from a family of hippies who run a dog sledding excursion company. Although our intention was to adopt a dog from an animal rescue centre, we saw an announcement on Kijji of Nina for adoption and we immediately fell in love with her. We just couldn’t resist.

Nina has brought so much love into our home, it’s phenomenal! She is so bright and sweet, anyone and everyone is taken with her. Nina is so loving and pure. Her nature is sheer kindness and she is oddly void of any of hunter instincts because she doesn’t try to chase, hunt or eat any small animals, especially Mimmi our cat.

I know… I sound like the proud pet parent who thinks their dog is the most intelligent creature on the planet. But I have to emphasize this FACT! For example, each time I taught Nina how to do a trick, it didn’t take a day, it didn’t even take an afternoon, she  learned almost immediately after I instructed her. I’ve no intention in training Nina to be a show dog or anything of the sort. She is so kind and respectful by nature, she doesn’t require obedience training.  

At two months old, the first day we saw her, she already knew how to sit. The people we adopted her from said that she learned everything she knows from observation. Wow. Really? Again, wow!

So, Nina, now 26 months old, still learns from observation. Also, like a true husky, she talks A LOT. When she wants to go out she asks. When she wants a treat, she is very vocal about it!

When she wants to play she brings us the toy she wants to play with.

One of her favourite treats is peanut butter. I put a taste of it on her toy bone, which by the way she brings and usually not on command. Then again, what is a command? I just tell her to get it for me and she does. If you are a dog lover you know exactly how high the level of  cuteness is when they bring you something you simply ask for. Well, Nina does everything as she is asked. She will even go potty on command! How cool is that?!

 Truth be know, Nina is one of the most important aspects of the blog, (our sweet blog dog). She brings us so much joy, it generates tremendous love in our hearts, our hug hormone levels are hitting the roof!  So we thought to share her story and her pictures in so that you can feel the joy too. 

Check back now and then for updates to this page with new images and videos.

Enjoy! 😀

Nina Wolf: Photo by Abbey Wolf

June 23, 2020 

The summer heat is not the ideal temperature for huskies. They much prefer a nice arctic breeze while frolicking in the frosty nordic snow. 

We keep Nina indoors when there is a heat wave and we make sure she has plenty of nice fresh and cool water to drink.