Review: Secret Project 2020-BOB MOSES B2B ZHU’s BLACKLIZT


Three for the price of one! Bob Moses (AKA Tom Howie, Jimmy Vallance) from Vancouver BC, and ZHU (AKA Steven Zhu) from California shook the roof of the Soho Warehouse last night spinning dancing and singing. So it was more like 3×3 for FREE! 

They genuinely grooved and  pushed out some powerful mixes and vocals. 

The setting was chic and luxurious on the rooftop of the Soho Warehouse in LA California. Multiple cams surrounding the DJs was a nice touch and added some nice visuals, especially the shots of them in front of the pool.

The highlight was when they played “Desire,” the title track from their latest album with the same name. Their vocals and mixing were harmonious and tranquillizing,