Review: Secret Project 2020-TENSNAKE


TenSnake (AKA Marco Niemerski) is a German DJ and music producer that is remarkably talented and true to UK/Euro House culture. His mixes are solid and had a lot of sharp edge mixes from one acid sample into another. He also brings some R&B into his Euro beat with a cover sample of “Medicine” by WNDR.

The sound quality and the stream were excellent; considering it was coming live from Germany. It was 8 am in Germany at the time and Niemerski was spinning and dancing in his living room just for us. How cool is that?! TENSNAKE is an acclaimed professional and DJ and has numerous accolades under his belt. Far too many to list in this itty-bitty review! So be sure to check him out if you don’t already know who he is, it is well worth your while if you are a fan of house. Personally, I thought his mixes were so good they kept me up till till the very end of the festival, turning me into a real “ insomniac.” 😛